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OWO Birmingham escorts

Owo Birmingham escorts offer a sexual service of an unprotected blowjob. Owo is the abbreviated escort industry term for Oral Without (a condom) She will stimulate the client’s penis using her mouth. An owo Birmingham escort who offers this service is in high demand and here we tell you why.


Sexy Slim Blonde


If your looking for a Romanian escort girt that really loves to please. Then Rose has to be your very first choice. With her open minded approach, her natural slim sexy figure and her drive to satisfy. There is no better choice you can make than this mature, experienced good looking escort. Rose has been resident in the UK for many years now, so her English is excellent and certainly it will not lessen your experience with her. Rose is a very attractive lady that offers that perfect combination of looks, figure, attitude, style and grace. Which makes her the pefect choice of any possible client.

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Dress Size:6

Height:5ft 4

Bust:Natural - 34B

Hair Colour:Blonde


Nature:More Dom

Reservations:0121 663 6445

Owo escorts in Birmingham are considered to offer a more realistic girlfriend experience. Abbreviated to GFE. Condoms and oral sex do not go together. It’s impossible for a client to enjoy a blowjob when his penis is covered in rubber! He can’t feel the tightness of her lips around his penis. Or her tongue around the sensitive tip of his penis. He cannot feel her mouth slipping and sliding up and down his erect penis. Therefore, Birmingham owo escorts offer better sexual sensations for the male client. Normally, you would expect in a loving trusting relationship for a girlfriend to give you head without a condom. So how can an escort offer a true GFE if she doesn’t offer OWO services? The majority of men need oral without a condom to become fully aroused. The penis needs to be fully aroused to become fully erect or hard. Oral is a very important part of foreplay! Oral sex without a condom is so important that some clients are perfectly satisfied with only a blowjob and finishing in her mouth! And therefore, require no sexual penetration. Some clients feel that this isn’t even cheating on their partners.  

An owo escort in Birmingham does not enjoy sucking on a bit of latex rubber! Even the flavoured condoms lose their taste after a few sucks and she is left with the smell and taste of rubber. Birmingham owo escorts love to feel a hard penis in their mouths, the taste of his precum and the smell of his clean skin. This makes females become aroused too! Many owo escorts in Birmingham also offer CIM.

She will be experienced in different oral techniques to blow his mind. Using her lips, mouth and occasionally hands with plenty of eye contact; it drives the men wild with excitement!  

Once a client has ejaculated into the mouth of a Birmingham owo escort, it’s at her discretion as to whether she spits or swallows. This means she will either swallow the semen in her mouth, or discretely spit it out into a tissue. Semen or cum contains over 200 proteins as well as vitamin c, calcium, citric acid, fructose (sugar) magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus potassium, sodium, vitamin B12 and zinc! Sperm only accounts for about one percent of its total volume and the rest is made up of trace minerals and nutrients. A Birmingham OWO escort has health benefits for swallowing a client’s cum. If a client wants to make his cum or semen taste sweeter for his owo escort, he can drink fruit juices before the booking. It is a scientific fact that escorts who offer owo as a service and swallow have fewer signs of depression!  

Of course, there is always a small health risk when offering oral without a condom as an escort service. Condoms are a reliable option to stop the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases or STD´s. Escorts regularly get check out at the gum clinic to ensure they are healthy. So, the risk of STD´s is more dependent on the sexual health of the client. Technically, the escort is at more risk of catching something than the client. If there are any visual signs, such as warts around the penis, clients will be refused oral without protection. And most likely any personal sexual service at all, with a full refund. The personal hygiene of the client who requires owo from a Birmingham escort is very important! It is very disrespectful when a client arrives with a cheesy willy, bad smells or urine smell! Don’t be offended if an owo escort asks you to shower before the booking commences. Be grateful she has given you the opportunity to freshen up rather than asking you to leave!