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Dominant Birmingham escorts

These escorts are a perfect choice for clients who want to take the submissive role. A dominant Birmingham escort is also called a Dominatrix. However, there are different levels of dominance that can be inflicted upon the client. She can be bossy or take the lead. She can be flirty with tie and tease. She can be a dominatrix and inflict pain to cause pleasure. Or she doesn’t have to inflict physical pain on the submissive client, she may show her domination through verbal control, humiliating tasks and making him serve or obey her.

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Visiting a dominant Birmingham escort is usually more about power and control rather than sex. Sex may not be involved. If the dominant escort has sex with the submissive client, then she loses her power of control. Dominatrix is the feminine form of the Latin dominator, “a ruler or lord”. The term dominatrix is sometimes used to describe a professional dominant (or “pro-domme”) who is paid to engage in BDsM with a submissive client. BDSM stands for bondage, discipline and sadomasochism. An appointment or role play is referred to as a “session.” 

Birmingham dominant escorts wear a particular adult uniform that depicts her role as strong, confident, powerful and in control. This shows that she is a dominant, sexualised female adult entertainer. Her clothing is nearly always black leather, PVC or rubber. Black corsets, black fishnet stockings, black miniskirts or dress, black gloves. Thigh- high boots with a large stiletto heel, or knee-high boots known as kinky boots are a familiar outfit to dominant escorts.  

A Birmingham dominant escort may have a professional room which has been set up with specialist equipment and sex toys called a dungeon. Within the dungeon there may be sex swings, paddles and whips, bed restraints, a cage, ball gag, harnesses, chains, dog collar and lead, ropes and shackles, handcuffs, whipping bench, hoist and bondage chair, to name a few! Clients can engage in animal roleplay, cock and ball torture, flogging, spanking, suspension, tickle torture or become human furniture. It all depends on what the submissive client wants from his appointment and what Birmingham dominant escorts are prepared to offer. It is the erotic behavior between two consenting adults. Providing boundaries are set, limits are adhered to, no harm can come to the client. Normally a “safeword” will be agreed before the session starts. Unless the submissive client screams out the safe word, she will be rough, fully in control and pleasure him with pain. Of being dominated. There needs to be trust between the submissive client and the Birmingham escort offering dominant services! She will make him beg, worship and obey her. But he’s not allowed to touch her, or perhaps himself.  

For those clients who are curious about visiting dominant Birmingham escorts, fell free to talk with her first. They are actually very sympathetic to the needs of clients. Remember the session is only roleplay which can be stopped at any time. Outside of the session, these females are approachable to the needs of every client who visits them. In today’s modern era, some clients do not even visit the dominant female. Sessions can take place over the phone, webcams or live chat.  

For clients who do not want a dominatrix, there are dominant female companions who will take the lead. Allowing clients to relax whilst she does all the work. Typical sex positions for dominant escorts are the cowgirl sex position or reverse cowgirl sex position. She is on top and controls the speed and rhythm of the sex. This can actually be very relaxing for a client! He can lay down and enjoy an uninterrupted field of vision of her naked body upon him.