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Anal Birmingham escorts

These girls are experts in this sex position. They are often referred to as A Level escorts in Birmingham. This is an acronym used in the adult industry for escorts offering anal sex through penetration or anal play. Birmingham anal escorts practice this type of sex with the client’s penis entering her anus or rectum. Anal is the fantasy of every man in the world, but very rarely are they able to fulfill this fantasy in their personal lives. Through fear of pain or embarrassment, many female partners refuse to engage in this sexual activity. Therefore, some men feel compelled to pay an anal Birmingham escort for the service. Many men feel like they are missing out on euphoric pleasures! They need to fulfill their curiosity of anal pleasure with a Birmingham escort. Men want to have sex in the Greek style! It feels naughty, dirty and erotic. Mentally it feels wrong, but physically it feels so right. They will feel a completely different sensation to vaginal penetration. Most importantly a tighter sensation around the penis.


Sexy Slim Blonde


If your looking for a Romanian escort girt that really loves to please. Then Rose has to be your very first choice. With her open minded approach, her natural slim sexy figure and her drive to satisfy. There is no better choice you can make than this mature, experienced good looking escort. Rose has been resident in the UK for many years now, so her English is excellent and certainly it will not lessen your experience with her. Rose is a very attractive lady that offers that perfect combination of looks, figure, attitude, style and grace. Which makes her the pefect choice of any possible client.

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Dress Size:6

Height:5ft 4

Bust:Natural - 34B

Hair Colour:Blonde


Nature:More Dom

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The reason that Birmingham anal escorts are able to offer anal is because they have experience in preparing before the appointment. Many females do not realise that anal sex requires a bit of extra preparation in order for it to be pleasurable! A Birmingham anal escort will firstly prepare her bowels before the client’s arrival, to avoid any embarrassing mess. She will also have plenty of lube, as unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating.  

It is important to relax the anus muscles, so the Birmingham escort offering anal services will encourage anal play first. Fingers or anal sex toys are the best way to relax and open the bum hole. The best sex toys for anal play are; anal beads, butt plugs, anal vibrators, vibrating butt plugs, anal dildos and anal probes. These anal sex toys are available in a variety of colours and materials! Each individual Birmingham anal escort will have different adult sex toys which she feels gives her the best pleasures and sensations.  

A level escorts adopt a submissive position. Either in the doggy style sex position. Or she will bend her elbows and lower her body towards the bed. Birmingham escorts offering anal sex do so, subject to size and personal hygiene. Some clients may not be able to insert their penis all the way into the anal passage due to their length. Because the head of the penis is the widest part, clients must be patient and gentle. A Birmingham escort who offers anal sex as a service will always use a condom! Admittedly she can’t get pregnant, but all professional escorts practice safe sex to reduce the risk of infections and sexually transmitted diseases. Never use the same condom from anal sex to vaginal sex because this can cause infections to the escort.  

Anal sex, though often stigmatized, is a perfectly natural way to engage in sexual activity. Many clients are curious about the prospects of anal pleasure on themselves but are too embarrassed to ask. Anal sex in Birmingham; it’s a taboo subject. Anal sex toys are also a great way for men to experiment, on themselves or with assistance from an escort. And these specialised ladies are very open minded and adventurous! Clients who experiment with anal toys on themselves have better orgasms. The anus is filled with sensitive nerves that can enhance a client´s pleasure. And inside the anus lies the P-Spot, also known as the male G-Spot or “the prostate gland”. Clients who decided to pleasure themselves with a Birmingham anal escort can be assured that their privacy and discretion is always a number one proprity. No one will ever find out your little secret. “What happens in Bum, stays in Brum”.